Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Internet Scams

Internet Scams Internet Scams have now become so numerous that it is becoming much more difficult to find a Legitimate Internet Opportunity. There are SO many over-the-top, overblown claims out, but there ARE still some good ones, if you know what to look for!
We have tried and tested more internet scams than you could have even imagined existed and I am about to tell you what works and what does not!

How to tell if it is a internet scams

The very FIRST thing that you should watch out for is someone telling you how RICH you are going to be JUST for signing up! Nothing in this life works that way and the internet is no different. People want something easy that is basically done for them, but I ask you, other than an inheritance, when have you heard of someone making BIG money with no effort?
I am in internet marketing to make a BIG profit, I’m not even going to try and tell you otherwise! I have been burned SO many times, by being convinced that someone will do it for me and every time it was just a lie to get my money. So, if it even sounds like they are saying “there’s not much work involved” or “just send us the money and watch the checks roll in”, I am telling you to RUN FOR THE HILLS, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!
There ARE a lot of differences between regular marketing and internet marketing and there ARE things you must know to be successful, but you cannot find out these secrets and techniques from internet scams that have NEVER DONE it themselves, which is 99.9% of the offers on the internet that are asking for money.

No Internet Scams Here!

I have tried and tested thousands of opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a ROCK SOLID income and it’s ABSOLUTELY NO COST…EVER.
They want you to believe that it is ROCKET SCIENCE, so they can justify the Thousands of Dollars they ask for, but it really is not all that complicated, if you follow the path of someone who REALLY makes a lot of money on the internet and has already been through the scams!
If you know what successful internet marketers know and you DO what they DO, you will have success as well. The problem is that, everyone is telling you they know how to do it and they are promising you the moon and the stars and begging you to join their program with wild promises of wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

Join us today and be safe from internet scams

Internet Marketing is enjoyable and very profitable, but there IS effort involved and with the RIGHT kind of help, you too can succeed at it!
I have tried and tested thousands of opportunities and ONLY ONE still provides a ROCK SOLID income and it’s ABSOLUTELY NO COST…EVER.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The BEST Easiest Way To Make Money From Home With Out Investment

Our Vision at ZNZ is much different than any other company you’ll find in the marketing space, because the fuel that drives our vision is helping someone brand new make their first $100 online. We look out for the ‘little guys’ and live and die by the value we provide to our members.
We treat our members AS VALUED PARTNERS, always staying mindful that your #1 priority is to build your business and keep it profitable. We’ll never overwhelm you with training or distractions that you don’t need or want. Our #1 priority to help you grow – personally and financially …and make our community a place where lives are impacted and ANYONE can succeed.
Our vision is to help hundreds of thousands of network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs have massive breakthroughs and create a permanent change in their quality of life and financial situation.
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100% Commission

We’ve built our entire marketing system around a ‘plug and play’ process that members can use to generate 100% commissions into their bank account, instantly. Essentially, our members main responsibility is to implement the simple training we teach them in the training section in our state of the art members area. We take care of the lead and sales conversions, training and education part of your business so you don’t have to.
Our members get a cutting edge business and marketing education and can leverage our compelling and proven sales process to earn a life changing income.
We’ve solved every problem marketers and online entrepreneurs face. We’ve put the pieces in place for our members to leverage our marketing, sales and influence skills to grow their business …and their income.
Essentially, you can make ‘guru’ moneywithout being a ‘guru’.
ZNZ is the perfect affiliate markeitng system to grow a network marketing or online business, fast, and will allow you to quickly and efficiently learn the skills you need, minus the fluff …and earn large 100% commissions to fund your lifestyle or business ventures.
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If you don’t want 100% commisons …what do you want?
What more is there?
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The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home

I am writing this blog post from my “home office” Needless to say, I love working from home and  I am fortunate that I get to work at home but it has its pros and cons. While this may seem like a dream opportunity, there are some things to consider if you want to work at home. Are you considering a full or part-time work from home position? Here are some things to think about:
First the pros:
1. The freedom – Working from home gives you freedoms you wouldn’t otherwise have in a workplace setting – For one, you don’t have to worry about scheduling appointments around a 9-to-5 schedule, and, if you have a laptop, you can do your work just about anywhere – at a coffee shop, on the go, etc.
2. Work/Life Balance - Balancing your personal life with your work life is challenging, but working from home allows you to take care of tasks from both worlds. For example, keeping up with the laundry, I did that in between work projects, which I wouldn’t have been able to do had I been in the office. If you like keeping a clean home, working from home gives you the opportunity to keep your house neat and tidy. Do I have to make a quick personal call to my doctor, or to a family member? It’s fine, because I don’t share my “home office” with anyone but myself. Having the flexibility to take care of both work and life issues is a wonderful thing that will make you feel both accomplished and less stressed.
3. Cost - Commuting from 30 min to an hour away both ways to work and back is a lot of gas expense. Can you see that occasionally skipping your commute not only saves you money but also helps to save the planet. And what about saving money for your employer? In the office, you’re provided with snacks, bandwith, electricity, etc. You don’t often think about these things, but they cost money, so staying home is a win-win situation for both you and your boss when it comes to being cost effective.
4. Higher Productivity - It’s important to remember that this specific pro is different for different people, but for me, I tend to get more work done at home. The phone isn’t ringing off the hook, people aren’t stopping by my desk to chat every few minutes, and meetings are held over the phone and are generally run much faster and more efficiently. Like I said, different strokes for different folks, but working from home can help block out the usual buzz of the office and help you focus on getting things done.
5. The clothes – many workplaces make you wear a uniform or nice clothes which costs you money, but if you work from home, you don’t have to worry about investing in expensive work clothes.
6. Sleeping in – If you are not a morning person like me, working from home allows you to sleep in since you don’t have to get ready for work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went to bed late, gotten up for work and literally walked ten steps from the bed to the computer.
Now, for the cons:
1. The Freedom – Yes, this pro to working at home can also be a con. Since working from home gives you so much freedom, you must be very disciplined and able to get your work done in a timely manner.
2. Work/Life Balance - Look familiar? It’s because this is both a draw and a drawback to working from home. Sometimes it’s hard for people to put up a boundary between their professional lives and their personal lives, especially when you’re home with the kids or with a few rambunctious pets. To achieve work/life balance, I make separate to-do lists: one for personal items (like calling to make a dentist appointment, etc) and one for professional tasks. You can also physically put up a boundary as well. For example: if you’re having friends over for dinner, make a rule that your laptop and phone have to be turned off and put away. No one likes to hang out with someone if they’re checking their email constantly and only paying half attention
3. Working too hard – In a workplace setting, you are usually required to take rest breaks as well as a lunch break. When working from home, you may work too hard and wear yourself out if you don’t remember to take breaks.
3. Being on the computer too long – If you like Facebook as much as I and you already use your home computer to do work, you may find yourself spending too much time on the computer if you’re not careful. Since I’ve started working from home I’ve had to remind myself to take a break from the computer.
4. Lack of face-to-face interaction – If you are someone who enjoys face-to-face interaction in the workplace, working from home might not be for you.

Work From Home Opportunity

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